Timber Carbon Tech

It feels like an extension of your body.

I use European White Ash or African hard woods like Purple Heart, Ebony, African Mahogany and Jarrah to create an elegant, warm machine that absorbs the road vibration before it reaches your muscles and skeleton. 

However, the bikes are not just about a live, smooth ride. I combine the strength and the flex of tree with the stiffness of carbon fibre to maximise the power transfer from your body to the bike.

Not just smooth but responsive.

I maximise the strength of the wood by building the rear chain and seat stays from veneers pressed into shape by a hydraulic press. I then infuse the wood with carbon fibre to create an internal skin in the front triangle and the bottom bracket of the bike to support the crank forces.

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If you’re interested in having a handcrafted, bespoke wooden bike built, please contact me using the Contact Form, or WhatsApp me on

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